Garden Hose Fittings Brass

Garden Hose Fittings Brass

Garden Hose Fittings offered features hard wearing construction finish which makes them deliver lasting service life.
Brass Hose Fittings is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Brass Garden Hose fittings. Garden Hose Fittings are commonly used to join garden hoses to other types of hoses that have different diameters. Also called push-on fittings, they can be attached to hoses without the use of crimping tools or clamps. The non-garden hose slides over the push-fit end of the fitting, which has tight fittings barbs to hold the hose in place and create a tight seal.

Further,these fittings provide for water tight connection and finds application in areas like irregation systems, pressure cleaners and other.
Further, the constructed finish of these fitting also makes these perfect for use as industrial and general purpose fittings.

Specification :

Size : 3/4 Inch Diameter.

Material :Brass and Aluminum alloy.

package Included: 2 * Brass Female Connectors, 2 * Brass Male C connectors